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Tail Fins and Chrome features: Cars of Dreams

You've found the place for classic car buffs, collector car lovers, car aficionados, for guys and girls. Take a step back in time with us for a return to those glorious days of the mid-twentieth century for a look at classic collector cars from the 20s-40's, 50's, 60's and 70's.

Cruise "Memory Lane" with us as we invite you to listen to old AM radio commercials, the same one's you heard while cruising your favorite boulevard, and theme songs from the early golden days of TV. See old classic car ads and billboards. Enjoy the memories you shared with family, friends and sweethearts.

1920’s-40's “The War and Post-War Year”

Production of most American cars ceased in 1941.... America needed Tanks, Planes and Trucks... not passenger cars... and what rubber was available... had to be utilized towards the war effort. A few automotive milestones of the cars produced in the the 40's were the first automatic transmission (Oldsmobile, 1940) and a modern ohv-V-8 (Cadillac, 1948) See more Classic Collector Cars of the 1940's.
1950’s “The Fabulous Fifties”


If you were a car lover and grew up in the 50's....they really were fabulous. Fins were in and so were ragtops, chrome, fender skirts, fuzzy dice, outside remote spotlights, spinner hubcaps, malt shops and drive-in movies... also known as "Passion Pits!". When the yearly new car intro dates rolled around, usually in September, most new car showrooms papered their windows with brown paper to hide the new models... but somehow spy shots appeared every year in the press... and Detroit loved it... and so did the American car-buying public. See more Classic Collector Cars of the 1950's.

1960’s “The Swinging Sixtes”

The horsepower race was on in earnest...and the term "Muscle Car" was created... most give credit to John Z. DeLorean and the Pontiac GTO. Marquees like GTO, Super Sport, Road Runner, Mustang, Barracuda, Superbird, Cyclone, Toronado, Camaro, Firebird and many more were in abundance. And luxury cars really became luxurious. See more Classic Collector Cars of the 1960's.
1970’s “The Disco Seventies”


The EPA & DOT got heavily involved in almost every aspect of car production and the horsepower race disappeared... almost overnight. Cars lost a lot of their individuality.... and the Japanese invasion of economy cars... and well-built inexpensive cars grabbed a large market-share here in America. Sought-after American iron of the 70's are few and far between but cars like the 76 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, 1975 Corvette Convertible, and many of the Italian made sports cars are still very much in demand... with collectors. Click here to see more Classic Collector Cars of the 1970's.

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